Anesteia Tsagkalidou


In-person Sessions

Each session lasts one hour on average. I am based in Amsterdam.

Online sessions

Apart from in-person therapy, I also offer online e-sessions. There is always the possibility to alternate between in-person and online sessions, depending on the circumstances. 


Individual Therapy

Common goals of therapy can be to inspire change or improve quality of life. People may seek therapy for help with issues that are hard to face alone. Therapy based in Amsterdam.

Group Therapy

Currently, I am facilitating support groups for victims/survivors of sexual violence 

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My expertise lies around:

Feminist therapy/ways to insert intersectionality into mainstream clinical psychology.

Creating support groups that center community care.

Raising awareness in the medical field about dealing with survivors/victims of sexual violence and people that do not fit the norm.

Reasons to seek help

Everyone seeks therapy for different reasons. A suggestive list of complaints and symptoms that I could help with are:

However, more often than not, our healing process begins with overwhelming emotions that we cannot name, place, or locate their source. Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs further.

Costs & Location


100 euros per 60 minutes for in-person sessions / online

In several cases, I offer a sliding scale. If you are experiencing economic difficulties, contact me to discuss my rates further.


I am based in Amsterdam, and my office is located in Amsterdam east.


If you have to miss a session, you must notify me at least 24 hours before our appointment.

If there is no force majeure, and a session is not cancelled within the above-mentioned time, the fee of the session will be charged.


Schedule an appointment

If you want to reach out, fill out this simple form.

I will reply to you as soon as possible and we can schedule a free first appointment to answer your questions and discuss our possibilities.